Talk of a “new” hospital started after World War II. The new hospital, located at 1510 Fremont, Street, Algoma, Wisconsin, took seven years to complete. Groundbreaking occurred on July 26, 1950, for the new hospital building. Formal dedication of the Algoma Hospital on October 28, 1951, was for 32 beds. The old hospital building was then closed. In the fall of 1956, an addition was built onto the hospital on the south end, increasing bed capacity from 32 to 46 beds. Groundbreaking for the nursing home occurred in July 1967. An open house for the nursing home was held in 1968.

The hospital closed on November 19, 1987, when Bellin left. On August 17, 1988, we received our independent lab licensure and operated as a nursing home and an independent lab. At this time, we started renting space out: Weisse Clinic, Door County Rehab, a chiropractor, Steinnon Radiology, Door County Home Health. In 1989 a CBRF (Community Based Residential Facility) was opened on the south wing. In 1998, the CBRF closed and beds were converted to nursing home beds.

In 2015, the west wing of the facility was remodeled to create Ministry Door County Rehab Unit. In September 2016, our facility de-certified 18 beds, going from 60 to 42 beds, vacating the south wing. In 2017 the south wing was remodeled to accommodate Masonite, who needed a base of operations after the closure of their factory in Algoma. At present, our facility has 42 licensed capacity, with 2 private rooms and 20 semi-private rooms.

The city of Algoma owns the Algoma Medical Center and Long Term Care Unit. The operation of the facility is entrusted to a separate Board of  Directors.

The Medical Center Board consists of seven voting members, including the Mayor. Six voting members are selected from the community by the Mayor of Algoma with the approval of the Common Council for a three-year term. One Common Council representative is appointed annually by the Mayor to the Board of Directors for a period of one year.


Algoma Long Term Care